How to choose the right countertop dishwasher for your van?


The RV dishwasher is one of those essential household utensils, not only because it saves you from the tedious work of dealing with dirt on plates, pots, glasses, and cutlery after eating, but also because it saves you time for more important activities. 

For this reason, it is advisable to analyze the following guide to buying the best compact drawer style dishwasher, where we provide you with the most important information before purchasing one of these products.

If you are thinking of buying one of these devices, we will tell you everything you need to know why you should buy a dishwasher and how to choose the right RV dishwasher in the following section. 

Why buy a dishwasher?

Today, more and more people are betting on buying a good dishwasher according to needs and possibilities.

One of its main benefits is that it saves water. Washing dishes in the sink involves greater use of water, since many times we tend to leave the tap running while we wash the dishes. 

In this way, the water runs uncontrollably, which causes an unnecessary waste of water resources, as well as money. The important thing is that you choose a good washing program.

Believe it or not, the dishwasher also helps save energy. Although its use implies electricity consumption, this is less than when considering the expense that is made when heating the water using the heater. 

Also, if you take into account the water that is allowed to run, this makes even more sense. The dishwasher heats just the right amount of water that will be needed for loading. Also, you can find energy-efficient models on the market.

Not only will using this makes the job of washing dishes much more convenient, but it will also save you time. While the dishes are being washed, you can do any other activity.

Additionally, this appliance will help you take care of your dishes. You no longer have to worry about a wine glass slipping and breaking or scratching the surface of pans or pots. Dishwashers can even have special programs for the care of glassware.

Another advantage of this appliance is the elimination of bacteria and germs. Working with hot water and strong detergents, the cleaning is thorough. Also, you avoid using scourers or clothes that can accumulate dirt from previous uses that, even if you try to clean well, there is always some "invisible" dirt.

How to choose the right countertop dishwasher?

There are many models of dishwashers, but they are not all the same. Although in design they may seem similar, their operation and other aspects are different. If you want to know how to choose the best one for you, you should pay attention to these factors.


The design of the appliance is one of the most important points to consider when comparing the Narrow dishwasher. It is very important especially when there is not enough space in the kitchen, such as the case of floors for vacations, singles or floors, and reduced dimensions, which are normally used by couples and small families.

In general, small dishwashers can be around 55 cm wide and weighs around 20 kg, making them a convenient and versatile appliance. 

Also, they are independent installation and, in many cases, they are specifically designed to be placed on the worktop, however, you can install them in any corner of the kitchen that has a water connection.

The control panel is usually on the front of the door and there are different types, some have touch control, but others offer normal, rotary buttons or a combination of them. Also, some models include indicator lights with symbols to show the selected function.

Regarding its internal and external structure, most of the models offer stainless steel to avoid corrosion, as well as Polinox, a material formed by a combination of fiberglass and plastic. That works as an acoustic and thermal insulator, in this way they are capable of providing greater resistance and quieter use.


A key aspect when choosing a dishwasher is size. In this case, it is not about buying the largest and most efficient, but the one that best suits your needs and space requirements.

Therefore, these devices are usually divided into three categories according to their dimensions: large, narrow, and compact. The large ones are the most common models since they are 60 cm or wider and this is usually the standard in kitchens. 

The narrow dishwasher is the most suitable to install in small kitchens: these usually have a size that ranges between 45 and 60 cm wide. 

And compact dishwashers are those that are less than 18 inches wide, so they can fit almost anywhere. They are not very common, but they are the best for small floors.


When choosing a built-in dishwasher, you should also pay attention to the noise they emit. These devices are usually a bit noisy, but if you know how to choose, you can get one that is not annoying. On the energy label, you will find the number of decibels (dB) it emits.

Most of these devices emit an unavoidable noise during washing that is between 45 and 60 decibels. Above this number is not recommended. If you want a model as quiet as possible, you can find models below 45 dB. If this aspect is important to you, take a good look when deciding on a model.


If you want to select the appropriate capacity of the dishwasher, then you should first take into account the number of people who are going to use it. So, it is recommended to select a model with a capacity for 4 or 6 covers when it comes to one person. However, a model with 8 covers could be the most functional for a couple or a family of up to three people.

The power of your motor also influences the amount of silverware that a dishwasher can process efficiently. So, it is necessary to select one that offers a high level, as this will be able to provide good results. In this sense, it is possible to choose models between 1200 and 2400 W of power.

On the other hand, you should consider the different washing programs available for each model. These are classified according to the temperature level they use to achieve effective washing. 

In this case, the lowest levels are usually on the order of 45° C and the highest at 70° C. Also, you should know that the most used washing programs are fast, eco, standard, crystal, and intensive.


Dishwashers come with automatic programs that make users' work even easier. The more options they have, the more versatile they are arguable because you can adjust the wash to suit your needs.

However, you must evaluate well if the programs it includes are really useful for your needs or for the type of washing that you would carry out. The ECO wash, for example, which includes most of these appliances, consumes less energy, although it takes a little longer.

It is also common that they include the option of intensive high-temperature washing, which is faster and offers protection against germs and bacteria but consumes more energy.

You can also find cold programs that can save up to 50% of the total energy consumed.

Thanks to its load and water-dirt sensors, the wash cycle is automatically adjusted, thus saving energy, water, and time. Everything so that you spend only what is necessary for each wash.

Another program that you can find in dishwashers delayed start (time-delay) with which you can load the dishwasher and program it to start washing at a specific time, either at night or when there is no one to bother the noise of the apparatus. 

Some models also have a drying function, but you should know that these are not only more expensive but can also consume a lot of energy.

Energy efficiency:

Another aspect that you should look at is the energy label of the dishwasher. And, although these devices are very useful, you should bear in mind that some can consume too much energy and even waste a lot of water.

In this sense, you must choose a model that is as efficient as possible in terms of energy. This appliance has an energy label that indicates the level of energy efficiency it has. It is categorized from the letter A to G, but today there are only models with class A.

However, this letter has several subcategories (A, A +, A ++, A +++). The recommendation is that you buy an A +++ dishwasher since this is the one that guarantees lower energy consumption. 

This type of model is more expensive, but in the long run, the savings will be greater than buying equipment with efficiency A or A +, for example.


Some small-sized dishwashers models offer additional functions for ease of use and simplification of procedures.

In this sense, some dishwashers are capable of measuring the degree of dirtiness of cutlery and adapting their settings according to the temperature, duration, and amount of water required to obtain good results.

Some models combine the water outlet pressure with the amount used, thus they are capable of carrying out a deeper cleaning in less time and providing lower consumption. Others incorporate automatic settings to adapt the wash program to the type of detergent used.

Now let us know about the different types of RV dishwashers available in the market

Type of the RV dishwasher

In addition to looking at the above aspects, to choose a dishwasher you must pay attention to what type of dishwasher it is. These are the ones you can find.

Integrated dishwasher:

They are models that fully adapt to the aesthetics of the kitchen because they are integrated with the rest of the furniture. They are no different from any other closet in this space.

Partially integrated model:

Unlike the integrated model, this one is not fully adapted to the aesthetics of the kitchen, but rather is left with the original control panel in full view of everyone.

Freestanding dishwasher:

As their name indicates, they are models that can be installed in any space in the house. The only rule is that they must be next to a water intake.

Top 3 recommended RV dishwashers

If you have finally decided to buy the best RV dishwasher, here our recommended dishwashers that will be helpful to choose one. 

  1. Danby DDW621WDB Countertop Dishwasher:

Danby DDW621WDB is one of the best small-sized dishwashers. Washing has never been so easy using this stylish and compact model. It only uses 11.7 liters (3.1 gallons) of water for a normal cycle. It features 6 different settings that can be monitors and programmed easily using an LED display.

Key features:

- 6-place adjustability and cutlery basket

- Delayed start options so you can schedule your cycle

- High-quality stainless-steel interior

- Auto rinse and detergent agent dispenser


- Space-saving design

- Perfect for a small kitchen

- Can be stored easily in a little space 

- Simple and easy installation


- Timer is not available to indicate how much time is left to complete the wash cycle


  1. HAVA Countertop dishwasher:

HAVA is a compact-sized dishwasher that utilizes only 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of water in a normal washing cycle. That means, it consumes 75% less water than handwashing. Also, it features a built-in water tank. It is easy to use and no permanent water connection is needed.

Key features:

- 5 wash cycles

- Dry mode

- 1.3-gallon built-in water tank

- Dry mode for storage


- Uses less water

- Easy to use

- Easy to clean

- No installation required


- May is not energy efficient sufficient for daily use


  1. SPT SD-2213S Dishwasher:

This compact model is perfect for small-sized kitchens, apartment, and office kitchens. This unit fits perfectly between most cabinets and countertops. Easy to install with quick connection and tap adapter. It features large sized cavity that holds up to 6 standard place settings.

Key features:

- 6 wash cycles

- Delay start function

- Easy to use controls

- Energy Star qualified

- Accommodates up to 6 standard plates

- Universal tap adapter


- Stainless steel interior

- Indicator for rinse aid warning 

- Easy to read large LED display

- Portable and compact size


- It is quite complicated to operate as there are many features on the unit


Little by little the Narrow dishwasher has been introduced into our homes in recent years, reaching the point of becoming an essential appliance in our kitchen. Their main advantage is that they are comfortable, useful and practical and will save us time and money. 

Each time these appliances incorporate more technological advances and improvements in use, so buying a dishwasher can become an odyssey if we are not clear about what we need. Hope this guide will be helpful to choose the right RV dishwasher.

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