Mini Dishwashers: The Dishwashers of The Coming Age


Do not worry about the pile of dirty dishes because your mini-dishwasher has got you covered! We understand that not everyone has the luxury or space to own a giant, built-in dishwasher for their kitchens and hence we bring to you mini dishwashers. Nothing ruins the mood like the mess made by dirty dishes waiting for you in the sink while you are binge-watching your favourite movie. The never-ending process of scrubbing and hand washing dishes and to top that the time and efforts that it takes and oh, the extra cost of maintenance

Even if you do not wish to assign a lot of space, mini dishwashers are the perfect solution to our problem. These miniature dishwashers are small, compact and portable. For day-to-day use, this small portable dishwasher will be everything you need, and won't take up a large footprint in your cooking space.

Let us help you find an ultimate fit for your home.

1. Countertop FARBERWARE Portable Dishwasher

  • The small countertop can be used either with the kitchen sink hookup or with the separate water tank as the water source.
  • At just under 22 inches wide, it claims to hold up to six place settings of dishes that are 10 inches in diameter and has folding cup shelves and a removable flatware basket.
  • It provides you with six cycles: Baby Care, Glass, Fruit, Normal, Rapid, and Air Refresh.
  • The main feature is that these mini portable dishwashers have a little glass window so that you can check whether the food stains get cleaned off your dishes or not.


  • It has a fruit cleaning cycle.
  • Sleek and Stylish model
  • Child lock


  • Small capacity
  • Can be a bit noisy

PRICE- $269.99


2. DANBY Portable Dishwasher

  • Installing the 22 inch DANBY compact portable dishwasher in your kitchen won’t require an expertise as it comes in with an installation kit.
  • It comes in with six wash cycles-Heavy, Normal, Light, Glass, Speed, and Rinse and a high-temperature boost to do a better job on utensils. 


  • Spacious for  22-inch mini countertop dishwashers
  • High temperature boost option


  • Control panel has icons instead of words thus could be confusing initially.

Price- $229.99


3. HAVA Compact countertop dishwasher

  • A small, convenient mini dishwasher for sale.
  • It comes with five wash cycles - Normal, Speed, ECO, Baby Care/Heavy, and Fruit.
  • To top its features, these mini dishwashers also provide you with an extra sixty minutes for drying your dishes.
  • It is easy to use with no installation required.
  • This compact countertop dishwasher utilizes just 1.3 gallons (5 liters) of water in a normal wash cycle, which is at least 75% less water than hand washing.


  • Energy Star certified
  • Easy to use with no installation required.


  • Tad bit slow
  • It is small


4. SPT Tabletop portable dishwasher

  • Sunpentown, or SPT, is a brand with its roots in commercial cooking appliances.
  • This mini dishwasher is easy to use with just three buttons and a row of cycle lights on its control panel.
  • Withtwo speedy cycles (one 20 minutes and one 45 minutes) you'll always have your appetizer plates ready for guests. 
  • It comes with six wash cycles: Heavy, Normal, and light, Miniparty, Rinse and Speed. It claims to accommodate up to six standard place settings in one go.


  • 20-minute Mini-Party cycle
  • 45-minute Speed cycle


  • Not Energy Star certified
  • Only comes in gray

Price- $274.74


5. Magic Chef portable countertop dishwasher

  • At almost 21 3/4 inches wide, this countertop dishwasher is among the widest countertop models and sports many of the features found on full-size appliances.
  • Moreover, it is one of the quietest dishwashers at just 52 decibels.
  • The Countertop dishwasher has six cycles -Heavy, Normal, Light, Speed, Glass, and Rinse.
  • It comes in with a twenty-four hour delay.This allows you to set dishwasher to start at a later time for the sake of convenience or to save money .


  • Quiet
  • Energy Star certified
  • Available in white or black


  • Control panel has icons instead of words

Price- $412.99


6. Black+Decker Compact countertop dishwasher

  • This Black + Decker is so sleek and stylish it could almost pass for a mini microwave.
  • There are seven wash programs from intensive to rapid to rinse only and even a 24-hour delay start option for you to load it up and run the cycle at a time when you're not using the kitchen.
  • It comes in with a child lock to ensure that your toddlers do not play with it.
  • Moreover, it also provides you with a dedicated flatware basket and comes in black color that blends with your other kitchen appliances.
  • More importantly, its stainless steel handles and touch screen display makes it the most modern looking dishwasher ever.


  • Two folding cup shelves
  • Dedicated flatware basket
  • Energy Star certified


  • Some reviewers complained about slow customer service
  • Control panel uses icons instead of words

Price- $294.19


7. NOVETE countertop dishwasher 

  • This portable dishwasher measures 16.9 x 16.8 x 18.1 inches, but holds 4 full place settings and fits up to twelve inch dishes.
  • This compact dishwasher offers 5 wash cycles - Normal, Speed, ECO, Baby Care/Heavy, and Fruit; the Baby Care mode with 167 °F washing temperature is suitable for baby products and oily dishes, which rinses them thoroughly.
  • Moreover, this mini dishwasher is noise free. At only about 50 decibels, it is similar to whispers in a silent conversation. So even if you are in the same room as your machine, it will never bother you.


  • It comes in with a 5L water tank and hence you do not even have to plumb it in.
  • The water can reach up to the temperature of 167 F and hence, it sanitizes your dishes as well.
  • It gives out sixty minutes of hot air drying to your dishes.


  • It has a plastic interior.
  • There is no faucet adaptor.

Price- $345.99


8. Midea mini benchtop dishwasher

  • Easy to navigate and quick to deliver, the Midea Tabletop Dishwasher features 8 place settings and 7 washing programs that wipe out all the dirt from your dishes.
  • With a new eco-friendly technology, the Midea Tabletop Dishwasher reduces water consumption by 20% per cycle.
  • With only 49 decibels, it is one of the quietest dishwashers.
  • In addition to this, it has got a 24 hour delay start to suit your timings.


  • No pre-rinsing required.
  • There are plenty of settings, all easy to use.
  • Not noisy.


  • Deep bowls and normal sized plates do not fit in.

Price- $100.00


9. Bosch countertop dishwasher

  • Bosch brings the best of German technology to dishwashers.
  • It comes with a uniqueHalf Load feature that saves energy, water, and time.
  • It has got twelve-Place Settings, suitable for families with up to 6 persons.
  • It also comprises of six, extensive wash programs. T
  • This small apartment dishwasher uses 5 liters of water for its entire washing cycle, whereas a manual job could use up to 60 liters. 
  • It is easy to operate and there is no need to pre-rinse any of the kitchen utensils.


  • An extensive range of wash programs.
  • Saves water while delivering an excellent cleaning job.


  • The machine does not feature a stand, whereby you have to bend every time you put utensils in the lower tray.

Price- $179.00


10. Kogan Benchtop dishwasher

  • These compact dishwashers are good for rental properties and small spaces.
  • With six wash programs (Intensive, Heavy, ECO, 90 min, Glass and Rapid) and Delay Start function up to two, four and eight hours for the convenience, the Kogan mini Dishwasherwas made to deliver clean dishes with effortless style every time.
  • It runs at 49 decibels and hence perfect for running at night.
  • It also comprises of removable cutlery compartment for easy organization & unpacking and therefore, can be taken away with you.


  • Easy installation
  • Does excellent and quiet cleaning


  • Some of the dishes might not fit into the plastic slots.

Price- $369


Benefits of a portable dishwasher

Are you wondering whether a portable dishwasher is worth it? Know the advantages of a compact countertype dishwasher over regular ones.

1.They can be used by anyone

Whether it’s a small apartment kitchen or an old house without a built-in dishwasher, these miniature, portable dishwashers are a practical, cost effective solution.

2.More Counter space

You want a spacious kitchen without the clutter? Well, you got it.

These machines hook themselves onto the faucet. Apart from being a time-saver ,they are a huge space saver as well. An 18 inch dishwasher fits into the limited spacing of your kitchen cabinets and does not require an extra space at all.

Moreover, they are portable. Majority of the models run on wheels and hence can easily cut you some extra space whenever you need it.

3.Efficient Cleaning

Despite being mini and portable, they clean much more efficiently than the regular dishwashers. They do much more potential cleaning when it comes to smaller households.


Durability of portable Dishwasher

Although a lot of it depends on your usage, these dishwashers usually last nine to sixteen years. Periodic maintenance, including cleaning, can help your dishwasher last longer. Some tips like using hot water, air drying your dishes and keeping the dishwasher clean are few that might come in handy. Just take good care of your machine and you are good to go!


How do Countertop dishwashers work?

Nearly every countertop dishwasher works the same way: There are two hoses that join a “quick connect” mount that should attach to almost any faucet. One hose takes in fresh water, the other drains dirty water into the sink. You can keep the dishwasher attached to your sink and press a bypass button to get fresh water, or you can disconnect it after use. Inside, there's room for four full place settings in a single rack, a cutlery basket, a removable filter, and a stainless tub.



Portable dishwashers are as efficient as their built-in siblings. They are not only a time-saver but they also consume less space and less sources and hence a sustainable choice which is everything that we need today. That is why these mini machines are the new age’s choice. You just need to find the perfect match for your needs.


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