The Pros and Cons of Countertop Dishwasher


No one likes to end their perfectly filling dinner and walk up to the sink to do the dishes! Thanks to advancements in technology and modern engineering, dishwashers are designed to save us from this daily chore. These humble appliances have been an essential and common part of many western kitchens for decades. Manufactured using complex cleaning systems, they are designed not merely for wiping the leftovers but also to kill the germs, dry the dishes after wash, use fewer resources as well as to give your kitchen an elegant and neat look!


The biggest issue faced by dishwasher consumers is the amount of space they acquire. Generally, dishwashers are the size of a washing machine, which restricts people with less available space from buying them. Well, the solution to this issue is simple and effective, countertop dishwashers.


Part 1: The Pros and Cons of the Countertop Dishwasher 


They are small, combat, and portable dishwashers equivalent to the size of a microwave and are also known as mini dishwashers or table-top dishwashers. They are small enough to fit perfectly on any countertop throughout the kitchen. These are super easy to handle and merely require a standard electrical outlet along with a water source connection to function. These small size dishwashers are best suited for people with minimalist homes and who lack the space to accommodate big dull machines. These appliances can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, preferably in a corner, where they wouldn’t hamper your day-to-day activities.


Nowadays, dishwashers have become highly sophisticated, offering enhanced features and the newest innovations, which makes it really hard to keep track of them and choose one according to your needs. Our guide will throw light on some countertop dishwasher features and their importance to assist you in making an informed purchase. It’ll make you familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of countertop dishwashers as well as its comparison with regular built-in dishwashers. At last, we will be showcasing our shortlisted countertop dishwashers.



  • The central advantage of a small dishwasher is its size. Being a space saver, it can be placed on top of any table, kitchen slab, cabinet, or even on other appliances. It allows people with limited shelf space, like student dormitories, to get rid of their daily dishwashing chores.
  • These mini dishwashers are highly economical and resource-efficient as compared to their full-sized models. Owing to their combat size, they do not consume large amounts of electricity, water as well as soap. It saves consumers money on these utilities, making it preferable.
  • As compared to their larger counterparts, countertop dishwashers are much more affordable. They are typically less expensive and are an ideal addition for nuclear families or individuals living alone for their daily washing requirements.
  • Some variants are compact portable dishwashers with wheels that can be rolled out of the kitchen when not in use. It makes it convenient for individuals to use in recreational vehicles or boats.  



  • One of the major disadvantages of countertop dishwashers is the smaller holding capacity that restricts the room for larger plates, big pans, or stock pots that are then required to be cleaned with hands separately.
  • Due to its smaller size, the amount of items cleaned at once is also lesser than the regular dishwashers. Thus, a mini dishwasher is suitable for a family of 2-3 members, or else the cleaning needs to be done in more batches, which is not only time consuming but also requires more energy and water.
  • Improper cleaning - The quality of washing also gets poorer if larger amounts of utensils are packed to clean at once. In such cases, when the dishwasher is overloaded, one can observe stains and spots on the dishes.


Part 2: Countertop Dishwasher v/s Built-In Dishwasher

There are mainly three types of dishwashers available in the market today; these are: installed, portable, and countertop. Among these, the built-in/installed models are the most popular and preferred variety sold. This section provides you a comparative analysis of the typical built-in dishwasher with the other two kinds that are designed for people with special kitchen needs who admire robust dishwashing capabilities.


Size and Capacity

A regular built-in dishwasher is typically 24 inches wide with a holding capacity of 10-12 standard place settings. It fits permanently beneath your countertop, which gives your kitchen a neat and streamlined look that is preferred by many.

However, a compact portable dishwasher is generally as small as 18 inches in dimensions that allow 6-8 place settings. It is finished from all sides and from the top, making it convenient to place anywhere in the kitchen. Thus, if your family has more than three members, it is ideal to go for a built-in dishwasher for its ability to wash more dishes. On the other hand, for individuals, renters, or students, a freestanding dishwasher would be a sufficient and sensible purchase.


Versatility and Convenience

Apart from sizing capabilities, the major difference between the two is the way in which they are hooked to water and drainage. While built-in dishwashers will be connected directly with your home’s overall plumbing system, the small countertop dishwasher models can conveniently utilize your kitchen sink as both the water source as well as drainage.  

Built-In dishwashers are a permanent addition to your kitchens, which means that they are left behind when you move; however, freestanding dishwashers can be packed and moved with ease. The top of these appliances is designed with cutting/countertop material that offers extra space in the kitchen. Moreover, installing a freestanding dishwasher allows you to free up space in cabinets and drawers beneath the kitchen slab. Both these models are equally energy and resource-efficient and deliver shining clean dishes.


Cost and Installation

Between all three models, the built-in dishwasher is available at a wider price point due to its popularity and the availability of models in the market. All these types of dishwashers attribute energy-saving cycles that keep your bills down. However, a dishwasher countertop doesn’t require any special or costly installation, as in the case of built-in dishwashers. It usually connects to the kitchen water tap and drains directly into the sink. Built-in units call for heavy additional charges as you’d need a plumber for installation or even a carpenter if your kitchen cabinetry doesn’t have enough spacing.


Additional Features Offered

When it comes to extra innovative features, the built-in model generally has an upper handover small-sized dishwashers. These big appliances offer features such as customized cleaning programs, multiple spray arms, targeted sprays for the head to clean dishes like pans or baking dishes. Table-top dishwashers, on the other hand, offer a less specialized range of features. These include digital timers, multiple cycles as well as load sensing technology.

As far as the noise is concerned, built-in dishwashers are comparatively less noisy in operation than its portable counterparts due to the fact that it is surrounded by cabinetry and creates less noise while washing.


Part 3: Top Performing Countertop Dishwashers

If you’re struggling with the thought of investing in a full-fledged installed dishwasher due to lack of space or limited budget and still want to get rid of the dishwashing chore, then a countertop dishwasher is your complete solution.

After personally testing a range of dishwashers and reviewing the expert opinion, we have shortlisted three of the most efficient, powerful, and value for money countertop dishwashers to make your decision making more smooth and informed.


  • If you have water, electricity, and 40 mins, you can wash your dishes anytime, anywhere! The Farberware Professional Complete Dishwasher is one of the most modern take-ups on dishwashing. One of its uniqueness lies in its ability to offer you two options for water, i.e., you can either hook it up with the kitchen faucet or attach it to a separate water tank. It offers six different wash cycles and can also be used to steam clean nozzle bottles or give your glassware a shining finish. It comes with an additional fruit basket to keep them fresh and ready to serve directly from the dishwasher. Enabled with LED lights, it is easy to operate.

If you’re looking for an efficient and reasonable stand on your dishwashing duties, then you’ll surely appreciate and admire the utility and performance of FARBERWARE FDW05ASBWHA.



  • One of the most premium countertop dishwashers available in the market today, the HAVA COUNTERTOP DISHWASHER provides you with admirable performance and design. It is definite to add value to your kitchen with its supreme quality and numerous advantages. This compact dishwasher uses 1.3 gallons (5 liters) built-in water tank, which is 75% less than normal dishwashing. It holds the capacity to clean four place settings at once available along with five variants of wash cycles. Its special drying mode allows for extra 60 mins of drying to the utensils.

Bring home the HAVA COUNTERTOP DISHWASHER and solve all your dishwashing and storing problems. If you want a modern-looking kitchen without compromising on space and style, then you won’t regret choosing this dishwasher model. It is an ideal match for nuclear families, individual renters, student dorms, campers, and recreational vehicles/boats.


3. Danby DDW631SDB

  • One of the most well-known and reliable dishwashers of 2021, Danby DDW631SDB is an amazing option if you’re looking for a long term compact space-saving dishwasher with no additional installations and a quick connect to water hoses and a smooth drainage outlet. One of its striking features is the availability of eight programmed wash cycles ranging from heavy, normal, rinse, rapid, glass, soak, babycare and eco. It offers similar features as compared to the rest two handpicked dishwashers. It is enabled with LED lights for easier commands, noise as low as 54db, and functions like delay start and extra drying option.

With its sleek-looking exterior and multiple modern features, Danby DDW631SDB is the perfect dishwasher that will get your work done in the first go. It is made of a durable stainless steel exterior that will not only brighten your kitchen but also release you from the additional work and installation processes.



Here we are! After closely observing the different types of dishwashers, it is clear that each model comes with its own set of pros and cons. At the time of purchase, your preferences towards a particular kind of dishwasher should depend on the spacing situation at your home, the number of daily loads of dishes as well as your personal expectations. If you’re interested in understanding and getting used to a dishwasher, then you must go for a countertop dishwasher as they’ll open the gateway for a permanent built-in installation later.

We hope our invaluable inputs and opinions will help you make an informed decision!

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