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  • R01 Dishwasher
  • T01 Washing Machine

Why did my dishwasher arrive with a humid interior?

Every HAVA Countertop Dishwasher is tested and inspected before shipping. As such, it is normal that your dishwater might arrive with water residue inside. There is no need to worry about product quality. We'd suggest a quick wash before the first use if you find it is needed.

What are the external dimensions of the HAVA R01?

Length: 16.86 inches (42.8 cm)

Width: 16.75 inches (42.5 cm)

Height: 18.05 inches (45.8 cm)

The length is 29.13 inches (74 cm) with the door opened.

What are the internal dimensions of the HAVA R01?

Width: 13.39 inches (34 cm)

Height: 12.60 inches (32 cm)

Length: 13.78 inches (35 cm)

What is the maximum diameter of plates that can be put in the HAVA R01?

The HAVA R01 can hold plates of a maximum of 10.24 inches (26 cm) in diameter at a vertical angle or at most 11 inches (27.94 cm) plates at an inclined angle.

What is the capacity of the HAVA R01?

The HAVA R01 can hold 2 full place settings, which include 4 serving bowls, 4 cups, 4 small plates, 4 dinner plates, 7 spoons, 7 forks, and 7 knives. It is an ideal choice for families of 2 to 3.

What is the power of the HAVA R01 and what is the right voltage to use it?

The HAVA R01 is a 950 W dishwasher. It should be used at 220-240 V for the European model and 110-120 V for the American model.

How long is the power cable of the HAVA R01?

The HAVA R01 comes with a 55-inch (140 cm) power cable.

What materials is the HAVA R01 made of?

Casing: ABS plastic

Water tank: Polypropylene plastic

Door: ABS plastic and tempered glass

Interior: PPTD 20 plastic

Cutlery basket: Metal with Nylon casing

Dual sprays: Non-toxic high temperature-resistant Polypropylene plastic

Are the inlet hose and water drain hose provided?

Yes. Every HAVA R01 comes with a 61-inch (154 cm) inlet hose and a 61-inch (154 cm) drain hose. In addition to the hoses, you'll also find a fruit basket, a dish rack, a cutlery basket, and a pitcher in the package.

What is the model of the inlet hose connector?

Our US model R01 comes with a 1/2" garden hose connector, while the EU model has a 3/4" garden hose connector. You may need an adapter to connect it to your faucet, or you can fill the built-in water tank using the provided pitcher.

How does the HAVA R01 drain dirty water?

You can drain the HAVA R01 by connecting it with the drain hose provided and draining the water into the sink or a container such as a bucket.

How do I know when the tank is full?

When the tank is full, 3 beeps will be heard. There is no need to add more water during the washing process.

Can the water faucet remain connected and open when the dishwasher is not in use?

Yes, you can leave the faucet open and connected even when the dishwasher is off.

What is the hot water temperature of the HAVA R01?

The hot water temperature ranges between 122°F (50°C) and 167°F (75°C), depending on the selected cycle. Please refer to the Wash Cycle table for more details.

What do I do if the water does not drain?

This might be caused by clogging in the filters or the drainage hole on the back of the dishwasher. Try removing the filters and cleaning the drainage hole. If this doesn't work, try cleaning the entire machine.

How does the Dry Mode work? Can I use this mode by itself?

The Dry mode can be used with any wash cycle except Fruit and can also be activated separately.

Combine with a wash cycle: After selecting the Normal, Speed, Soft, or Baby Care/Heavy cycle, the Dry mode will automatically activate once the wash cycle completes. To cancel, press the Dry button again if the drying process hasn't started.

Use separately: Press the Mode button to select Dry mode, then press the Start/Pause button to begin.

Can I manually cancel or stop the Dry Mode?

The Dry Mode will be automatically activated after each wash cycle completes (except Fruit). To exit the mode, press the power button for 3 seconds or longer. This will turn off the machine.

Do I need to add hot water to the dishwasher?

No. All you need to do is turn the machine on and choose a cycle. Depending on the washing mode, the water will be heated automatically. Details can be found in the user manual under Wash Cycle.

What is the power consumption of the HAVA R01?

HAVA R01 has class F energy efficiency and consumes 0.4 kWh of electricity in Normal mode.

What is the water consumption of the HAVA R01?

The HAVA Countertop Dishwasher only consumes 5 L of water per cycle. This is roughly 75% less water than dishwashing by hand.

How long are the water supply hose and the drain hose?

Both of the water supply and drain hoses are 47 in / 120 cm long.

Does the T01 washing machine warm up the water during a wash?

No, all wash programs use cold water only, and hot water cannot be manually added during any program.

Can I wash clothes with hot water by hooking the machine to a hot water faucet?

Sorry, the machine operates only with cold water. Please avoid adding water hotter than 50 °C / 122 °F.

Do I have to turn off the water faucet when the washing machine is not in use?

You don't have to, as the machine comes with an inlet valve that keeps the water in and out. But it is recommended to turn off the faucet after use.

Does the machine drain upwards?

The T01 does not drain upwards. Please make sure that the drain hose lies flat on the floor and no part of the drain hose is more than 4 inches / 10 cm above the floor.

Do you have some recommended types of detergent?

The machine is compatible with all types of detergent. You can choose either liquid detergent, powder detergent or gel balls.

What is the type of connector on the water supply hose?

Our US model T01 comes with a 1/2" garden hose connector, while the EU model has a 3/4" garden hose connector. You may need an adapter to connect it to your faucet.

How much water is consumed per wash program?

Each wash program comes with a default water level setting, but you may manually select your desired water level before starting the wash. The water consumptions of the 4 water levels are:
  • L1: 10.6 L / 2.8 US gallons
  • L2: 13.6 L / 3.6 US gallons
  • L3: 15.2 L / 4 US gallons
  • L4: 18.2 L / 4.8 US gallons

How does the machine dry clothes, by heating up or spinning?

The T01 dries clothes by spinning the tub.

How often should I clean the washing machine and do I need special cleaners?

We recommend a thorough cleaning of the machine every 3 to 5 months with specialized washing machine agents.
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