5 L of Water Used Per Cycle

And its built-in heater won't require any upgrades to your RV's water system.

Zero Pipework

This dishwasher is ready to work wherever electricity is available.

29-Minute Speed Mode

Transform your pile of dirty dishes into sparkling tableware in just 29 minutes.

What do RVers Love about HAVA?

HAVA R01 RV Countertop Dishwasher

$279.99 $399.99

A fully-rigged RV is going to spice up your road trip, so why not add one more useful piece to it? The HAVA RV Dishwasher will solve your dishwashing problems most efficiently and easily. Leave your hands free to take photos, not clean dishes!

3 Reasons Why HAVA Is a Must-Have for RVs

16.86'' x 16.75'' x 18.05'' (L/W/H) in Size

The dishwasher's compact size and portable design saves you valuable room in your RV. You can even move the dishwasher outside and use it with a bucket, or you can choose to move the dishwasher to another place if you ever need to use the countertop for something else.

Runs on a Portable Power Station

Thanks to its 950 W motor, the HAVA dishwasher can be effortlessly run by most portable solar power stations on the market without consuming much electricity, allowing you to enjoy the tidy, organized, and water-saving RV life anytime you want. Check the tech specs.

Better Use of Space

Although it looks tiny, its dishwashing capabilities are impressive: you can stack it with everyday tableware, from palm-size cups to bowls, and even with plates up to 10 inches. A whole day's worth of dishes is a breeze for this RV dishwasher.

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I recently purchased it, and I am thrilled with the results! We use it every other day and despite its small size, it has plenty of room inside for all of my glasses, cups, and bowls. It's such a relief to have clean dishes without having to hand wash them. Plus, everything gets squeeky clean even on fast mode.

Love, love, love this! My boyfriend and I hate doing dishes while on the road trip. But this solves the problem. We run it once every other night and it's perfect for two people. It isn't too loud either.

I was skeptical of its performance based on its size but it has absolutely met my needs. A perfect solution for those with small kitchens in their RVs. Not too loud and it’s impressive how well it cleans for its size. Also surprised it has a fruit setting that can clean produce as well. Highly recommend.

Our kitchen does not have an outlet for a conventional dishwasher, so we bought this one. The fact that it can be filled manually with the included pitcher is a big plus. We're two adults and one child and can fit the dishes of the day. The dishes get just as clean as with a "regular" dishwasher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does an RV dishwasher use?
An RV dishwasher usually consumes 4 to 6 gallons of water each time it is used. However, thanks to its built-in water tank, the HAVA RV dishwasher only needs 1.3 gallons (5 L) of water per cycle. This saves 75% of water compared to dishwashing by hand.
What are the most popular RV dishwashers now?
Among various models of dishwashers on the market, we highly recommend the HAVA R01 Countertop Dishwasher for your RV. It is a perfect fit for any road trip, with its compact size and its energy-saving features. In addition to filling its water tank by connecting it to a faucet, you can also use a pitcher and stay completely free of any pipework.
What should I take into account when purchasing an RV dishwasher?
It's important to be clear about the size of your kitchen, the countertop where you want to place it, how often you want to use the dishwasher, and what power you want it to have. More importantly, the consumption of water and electricity in the dishwasher is also key for RVs. Check our recommendation for RV dishwashers.
Is it worth buying an RV dishwasher?
Absolutely! An RV dishwasher solves several issues at the same time: the use of environmentally unfriendly disposable plates, the time and space wasted on dishwashing, and the good mood ruined by these chores. You can get rid of all these problems simply by turning the dishwasher on!