3 SPT Countertop Dishwashers and 3 Alternatives: The Perfect Solution for Your Small Kitchen


Sunpentown International Inc. (SPT) was created in 1993 to sell well-known appliance brands that provide value, creativity, and quality. SPT is presently the world's leading and largest manufacturer of induction cooktops. Many leading restaurants, hotels, and resorts use their industrial induction devices.

SPT began making items with everyday comfortability in mind and further progress in kitchen equipment. SPT now offers hundreds of items in various areas, including air quality, freezer, lighting, sanitation, massage, and dishwashers. When it comes to dishwashers, SPT dishwasher has three main types of dishwashers: built-in dishwashers, countertop dishwashers, and portable dishwashers. We will focus on SPT countertop dishwashers in this article.


Part 1. 3 Top SPT Countertop Dishwashers

Regular dishwashers, without a doubt, make everyday housework easier and quicker for many houses. Have you heard of the SPT countertop dishwashers, which are even more remarkable? Any SPT dishwasher will offer unparalleled excellency and capabilities, uncommon in other models within the same price bracket.

You'll save water and energy if you choose one of the finest SPT countertop dishwashers listed below. Furthermore, these SPT dishwashers are your alternatives if you don't have a dishwasher because of a lack of room.


SPT Compact Countertop Dishwasher (SD-2225DW)

This dishwasher is the most excellent SPT dishwasher. It also provides many advantages in terms of countertop style and is simple to maintain. It has a small body and a lovely appearance, and you can readily install it in a little place in your kitchen. The inside of this dishwasher is made of stainless steel and contains "wash arms." You may arrange your utensils in six different ways using the six place settings.

The SPT portable dishwasher has six separate wash cycles for cleaning dishes in various ways. The heavy wash cycle is for highly dirty dishes, while the speed wash cycle is for less unclean dishes that need to be washed quickly. A light on the LCD indicates the current wash cycle.


SPT Countertop Dishwasher


SPT Compact Countertop Dishwasher (SD-2224DS)

This SPT countertop dishwasher provides full-size power in a compact form, making it ideal for flats, office kitchens, and other tiny kitchens. With only 17.24 inches in height, this item will easily fit between most countertops and cabinets.

The large chamber can accommodate up to six regular place settings. Dispenses detergent and rinse aid automatically. Direct piping or permanent installation is not required with this quick hookup to most kitchen faucets.

With its universal faucet connector, small frame, and residual heat drying mechanism, the SPT 22-inch tabletop portable dishwasher has your back. It includes a three-step filtration system that reuses wash water during a cycle. It's a one-stop shop for all of your dishwashing requirements.

Because it's only a little over 19 inches deep relative to others that are about 22 inches deep, you could have some problems putting larger pots or plates into this desktop machine. Day-to-day dishes, on the other hand, will be OK. It's an excellent choice if you want to lower your environmental impact or conserve water in your house.


SPT Portable Dishwasher


SPT Compact Countertop Dishwasher (SD-2213S)

Hand-washing dishes is a chore, particularly if you live in a small apartment with little counter space. This difficulty is perfectly solved with the SPT SD-2213S countertop dishwasher. This space-saving dishwasher fits under your sink and takes up just under 4 square feet of important space!

This dishwasher is energy-star certified and has a large interior that can accommodate up to 6 place settings, so you won't have to wash your dishes before putting them in it! This SPT portable dishwasher necessitates less than 3 minutes of prewashing for optimal performance. Therefore, you will have less work to do when it comes to dishwashing.


SPT Countertop Dishwasher



Part 2. 3 Best Alternatives to SPT Countertop Dishwashers

Traditional dishwashers, without a doubt, make your housekeeping routine considerably easier and faster in almost every living environment. On the other hand, countertop dishwashers are becoming increasingly popular to save time and space without breaking the bank. Here are the top three alternatives to any SPT dishwasher.


HAVA Compact Countertop Dishwasher

The compact design, built-in water reservoir, and superb performance and durability of the HAVA R01 countertop dishwasher compensate for its slightly reduced capability for two place settings. This countertop dishwasher's versatility and dependability are enhanced with five wash cycles, a dry mode, and automatic airflow.

Due to its wider range of wash cycles, compact size, and ability to connect the machine to a tap or rely only on the built-in water reservoir, the HAVA countertop dishwasher is an obvious choice for one of the most flexible, lightweight dishwashers now marketed.

Moreover, this dishwasher is among the best 2021 Amazon Best Sellers. Much like any top-notch SPT dishwasher, it offers 360-degree cleaning performance and reduces water consumption by 75%. You can enjoy two useful water supply modes to lower your water usage further.


HAVA Countertop Dishwasher


hOmeLabs Compact Dishwasher

This compact, Energy Star-certified dishwashing appliance is perfect for cleaning up after a meal or cooking. It may easily fit on a counter or a tabletop, taking up less room. Place the dishes in the dish rack and cutlery rack and leave the dirty work in this white dishwasher.

Thanks to its easy-to-use control panel and LED indications, this is one of the greatest options for any SPT portable dishwasher. For your diverse dishwashing demands, this menu selector provides six wash cycle options: Heavy, Regular, Eco, Glass, Speed, and Rinse. To postpone the wash cycle, press the Delay button and let it do its job in peace.


hOmeLabs Compact Dishwasher


EdgeStar Countertop Dishwasher (DWP62SV)

The DWP62SV boasts an aesthetically appealing digital control panel, making it an excellent match for any updated kitchen plan. A child lock safety mechanism and a late start program are included in the front panel screen, giving you the freedom to wash your dishes whenever you choose.

The DWP62SV also comes with seven wash cycle options. Most models typically have six cycles: Heavy, Regular, Light, Glass, Speed, and Rinse. However, the addition of the Infant Care cycle has made it popular among new parents. You may fit plates up to 10.5 inches in the stainless steel inside capacity. A dish, rack, cup shelf, and cutlery bin are also provided to carry silverware.

It can fit under most cupboards or counter spaces and needs no permanent installation; a little over 17 inches tall. Because of its modest profile, it is excellent for saving space. Even more, this model is extremely energy efficient. This is due to its energy star rating, which indicates that it uses less than 200 kilowatt-hours per year. As a result, you may anticipate saving up to 61% on electricity compared to similar portable dishwashers.


EdgeStar Countertop Dishwasher


Part 3. The Comparison Table

Brand Model



Water Consumption





6 place settings

55 dB

2.85 gallons

43 pounds

21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 inches



6 place settings

55 dB

2.85 gallons

43 pounds

21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 inches


SPT SD-2213S

6 place settings

55 dB

2.85 gallons

43 pounds

21.65 x 19.69 x 17.24 inches



2 place settings

50 dB

1.3 gallons

33.1 pounds

20.86 x 20.07 x 18.89 inches


hOmeLabs Compact Dishwasher

6 place settings

51 dB

2.85 gallons

44 pounds

21.6 x 19.6 x 17.2 inches


EdgeStar DWP62SV

6 place settings

52.3 dB

2.85 gallons

44 pounds

19.63 x 21.63 x 17.31 inches




Any SPT dishwasher will offer you amazing dishwashing and cleaning capabilities. Moreover, countertop dishwashing units are necessary if you have lesser storage in your kitchen or home. However, if you don't want to go for SPT dishwashers, the brilliant HAVA countertop dishwasher is the ideal fit for you. It offers better water usage that can reduce your environmental impact without issues. Moreover, you can place this HAVA dishwasher anywhere you want or even carry it to another room without any trouble since this unit is lightweight and easily transportable.