5 Popular Countertop Dishwashers on Lowe’s for Recommendations


Countertop dishwashers are the current trend in kitchen accessories as they help you wash the dishes fast and clean. This small dishwasher makes dishwashing easy and faster. One of the most popular brands on the market is the Lowe's brand.

Whether you live in a mobile home, a small apartment, or have a tiny kitchen, Lowe’s has different models with impressive features that will meet your needs.

Here, we will be discussing Lowe's small dishwashers and what makes them unique in the kitchen space. We also provide you with the best Lowe's dishwasher alternatives with great features.


Part 1. Brief Introduction to Lowe's

Lowe's from one small-town hardware located in North Carolina is now one of the largest home improvement brands in the world. Over the years, they have offered a great commitment to helping homeowners improve their homes and businesses with the right products.

With over 19 million customer transactions every week, Lowe's is a popular destination for individuals that want the best countertop dishwasher. Lowe's dishwashers come in different types.




4 Popular Types of Dishwashers on Lowe’s

There are 4 popular types of dishwashers on Lowe’s, and they include:

Built-In Dishwasher

Designed to stay in place, built-in dishwashers keep your kitchen as tidy as possible. They are ideal for large kitchen spaces, and they fit between cabinets to give the kitchen a seamless look.

Portable Dishwasher

Unlike Built-in dishwashers, you can store portable dishwashers away and pull them out when you need them. They do not use the plumbing under your sink. To use portable dishwashers, all you need to do is attach them to your water faucet for water and drain them out on the sink.

Portable dishwashers are ideal for use in small apartment spaces and mobile homes.

Countertop Dishwasher

This type of portable dishwasher is small enough to fit on the countertop. They use water more efficiently than big dishwashers, using less than 4 gallons per wash. You can also use countertop dishwashers on RV trips and for camping.

Small Dishwasher

This small-sized dishwasher offers the same services as conventional ones. The major difference between them is the number of place settings they carry on a single wash. You can wash more dishes on a single wash circle with conventional dishwashers.


Dishwashers on Lowe's


Dishwasher Considerations from Lowe’s

Below are some factors Lowe's recommends you consider when choosing a dishwasher for your kitchen needs;

Noise Level

All dishwashers have sound ratings that tell you the noise level to expect. Always go for noise levels between 30 to 50 dB, as they would allow you to have conversations in your kitchen without having to raise your voice.

Water and Energy Savings

Dishwashers improve energy efficiency largely, especially the new models. Compared to older model dishwashers, newer ones can save up to 10 gallons of water per wash cycle and save you $35 per year on electricity.

When buying a dishwasher, always look at dishwashers with an Energy Star label as it confirms that the model meets the national standard for efficiency.

Control and Functions

Dishwashers with written controls are often better than those with icon controls as they do not give room for confusion. Although dishwashers with electronic controls are more expensive, they are easier to clean. Also, look for dishwashers with cycle selection so you would be able to choose different wash programs for optimal cleaning.

Water filtration is another function you should look out for, as it ensures water and dishes remain clean. Other functions and features you should look out for include; a soil sensor, special zones, and an extra rack.


Delivery and Installation from Lowe's

For an additional fee, Lowe's delivers home appliances like the dishwasher to your doorstep and helps install them. This helps cut costs on transportation and contracting a certified installer to help with installing your built-in dishwashers.


Part 2. 5 Popular Countertop Dishwasher Brand Models On Lowe’s


1. Edgestar Portable Dishwasher (DWP62BL)

This Lowe’s small dishwasher has a low profile, fits under most cabinetry, and does not require permanent installation. It is easy to install and comes with a quick connect faucet adapter that makes it easy to connect to any water faucet.

It has an Energy Star rating, helping you save water and money on electricity bills. also has seven wash programs: baby care, speed, rinse, light, glass, normal, and heavy for your different washing needs. With six place settings, the Edgestar portable dishwasher is quite spacious and can accommodate many dishes at the same time.

It has a noise level of 52 dB, and you can have conversations in the kitchen without having to raise your voice. At the time of this review, the Edgestar Portable dishwasher costs $349.00 on Lowe's official website.


Edgestar Portable Dishwasher


2. SPT Countertop Dishwasher (SD-2213WA)

The SPT countertop dishwasher is compact and efficient with a spacious interior that loads up to six place settings. The SPT countertop dishwasher does not need permanent installation as it comes with a quick-connect feature for direct connection to a water faucet.

The SPT features six wash programs: rinse, speed, mini-party, light, normal and heavy. It comes with two indicators, a water supply indicator and a rinse aid warning indicator. A water supply warning indicator lets you know the faucet is not on, and a rinse aid indicator lets you know when the rinse aid needs a refill.

It is lightweight, weighing 58 lb., and ideal for use in RVs and campers. With residual heat drying, your dishes get dry faster. The SPT compact countertop dishwasher has a noise level of 55 dB. Selling for $325.99 at Lowe's online store, it is quite affordable.


SPT Countertop Dishwasher


3. Farberware Professional 19.7-Inch Portable Dishwasher (FCD06ABBWHA)

The Farberware compact countertop comes with accessories that connect to the water faucet easily. Its six-place setting interior is spacious, allowing you to wash various dishes, and includes a cutlery basket and rack shelves.

There are seven wash programs on this Lowe's countertop dishwasher, including; heavy, normal, glass, speed, self-clean, baby care, and light. Extra-drying function enhances drying results, ensuring streaks and watermarks do not appear on dishes.

This Farberware compact countertop dishwasher has LED digital controls, which gives you a clear view of wash controls.

The child-lock feature on this dishwasher helps ensure children cannot start the dishwasher accidentally. With the Farberware dishwasher's speed program, you can wash your dishes in 45 minutes.

You can get this Farberware dishwasher from Lowe's at $379.99.


Farberware Professional 19.7-Inch Portable Dishwasher


4. BLACK+DECKER 22-in Countertop Dishwasher (BCD6W)

This dishwasher has seven wash cycles: intensive, glass, 90 minutes, rapid, eco, normal, and soak. These programs help you save water and time while ensuring your dishes are spotless. The Black+Decker countertop dishwasher has 6 place settings that can accommodate dinner plates up to 10 inches in size.

Its hook-up and drain connections are easy to install, ensuring you are up and running in a few minutes. There is also no need for direct plumbing when using this dishwasher. Electronic touch controls and LED display make this countertop dishwasher easy to use.

Child-lock option is included for maximum safety and ensuring children do not turn on the machine mistakenly. It weighs only 46.2 lb., making it easy for storage when not in use. Priced at $360.60 on Lowe's, the Black+Decker dishwasher offers you good value for money.


BLACK+DECKER 22-in Countertop Dishwasher


5. RCA 20-Inch Portable Dishwasher (RDW3208)

This is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, with a noise level of 34 dB. Made from plastic, the exterior of the RCA dishwasher is rust-resistant. It has a stainless-steel interior, which makes it durable, corrosion-resistant, and ideal for daily washing.

This dishwasher is compact to fit under most kitchen cabinets perfectly, and its size also makes it ideal for small apartments and dorm rooms. It has functional electronic controls that make it easy to use.

Are you looking to save water when doing the dishes? The RCA dishwasher consumes very little water during washing, helping you save water and money on electricity bills. You can get this dishwasher from Lowe's at $240.00.


RCA 20-Inch Portable Dishwasher


Part 3. The Best Countertop Dishwasher 2023 – Lowe's Alternative

The HAVA brand has one of the best countertop dishwashers in 2023, and it is one of the Amazon 2021 best sellers. They are a brand that puts customer satisfaction first with optimal customer service and a one-year warranty on their dishwashers. This warranty covers repair and replacement.


HAVA dishwasher


Why Choose HAVA?

HAVA offers you lifetime technical support when you purchase your dishwasher directly from them. This means services would be on hand to attend to any questions you have regarding the dishwasher every time.

With service to over 100,000 customers worldwide, the HAVA brand has one of the best countertops globally and ranks top among countertops in Europe.

One advantage the HAVA countertop dishwasher has over other brands is its energy and water-saving capability. With this countertop, you use less energy, which helps save money on electricity bills. This dishwasher also consumes 75% less water than you would use if you wash your dishes by hand.


The HAVA countertop dishwasher is versatile, featuring a 5L tank. This means there are two water supply modes on this compact dishwasher; using water stored from the tank or drawing water directly from the faucet.

Its 360-degree of washing ability keeps your tableware and other dishes immaculate. It also features a dry mode, which helps prevent water streaks on plates. Priced at $399.99, the HAVA R01 Compact Countertop Dishwasher is quite affordable and offers you the best value for money spent.


HAVA countertop dishwasher



Lowe's is one of the largest home improvement brands in the world, and they offer products of the highest quality and after-sales services like delivery and installation. Lowe's has different dishwashers, but we recommend the HAVA countertop dishwasher.

Why? The HAVA Countertop Dishwasher is the best alternative to Lowe's. It is affordable, efficient, and reliable. Using this dishwasher helps save water and energy considerably too. Why the wait? Get a HAVA Countertop Dishwasher today!