Top 5 Small Dishwashers for Apartments in 2023


A dishwasher is one important device that comes in handy in every apartment's kitchen. This dishwashing device makes life much easier with its amazing features and easy-touch functions.

If you live in an apartment, or perhaps you live in an area with a limited water supply, then a small dishwasher is what you need. It helps you save space and water and at the same time makes your life easy.

There are two small dishwasher styles – the bigger capacity portable dishwasher on rollers or the smaller capacity countertop dishwasher.

The portable dishwasher is moveable, and you can install it in any location you find suitable. On the other hand, the countertop dishwasher has a compact design, so it can sit on a countertop comfortably.

The small dishwasher for the apartment measures 18-inch. The full-size dishwasher measures 24-inch and is suitable for larger spaces. A standard 18-inch dishwasher can fit in a smaller space and hold a maximum of 10 place settings.

We have tested a few dishwashers on the market to provide you with a genuine list of 5 small dishwashers for apartments in 2023. Keep reading to find out.


Part 1. Top 5 Small Dishwashers for Apartments


1. HAVA Small Portable Dishwasher

Despite its space-conserving finish, this amazing tabletop HAVA small portable dishwasher comes with a large 16.86 x 16.75 x 18.05 inches capacity design. The ultra-comfortable dimensions enable it to take up to four full place settings and fit as big as 12-inch dishes at a loaded angle.

This amazing washing device helps make your top rack cleaning easier with its storage rack and cutlery basket. This rack can hold numerous cutleries and allows more space for small plates and cups.

The HAVA small portable dishwasher supports up to five wash cycle options to help achieve optimum performance on all functions. It assures you of a whole hour of extra drying to avoid moth growth on plates and pots.

That's not all! It gives a 72-plus-hour ventilation period to avoid bad smells on plates and cutleries. Moreover, this dishwasher helps to conserve water usage with over 75% water saving qualities and low energy usage. Besides, this small dishwasher for apartments comes with tank mode and faucet mode water supply to ease the water inlet for small apartments. You could get this amazing dishwasher for a little $399.99.


HAVA Small Portable Dishwasher


2. Danby Small Countertop Dishwasher (DDW621WDB)

Danby small countertop dishwasher offers many stand-out features and makes it very easy for small apartments to keep the kitchen tidy. A very suitable countertop dishwasher can fit under the counter to save space and create more room in a compact kitchen.

Danby DDW621WDB dishwasher comes with a six-place capacity setting with a sturdy interior made of stainless steel. The design is one with an easy setup and ultimate compatibility with most kitchen faucets and taps. The energy-saving dishwasher helps you conserve power usage with its energy compliant 680 watts and 5.7 Amps.

The performance of Danby is optimizable by its delay start feature that allows you to schedule your dishwashing by 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. Its six washing cycles give room for optimum washing, cleaning, and drying functions. And you won't even notice that it's working because it has a quiet operation that helps you maintain kitchen ambiance.


Danby Small Countertop Dishwasher


3. Farberware Portable Countertop Dishwasher (FDW05ASBWHA)

Get a full-size washing performance with the amazing 3-program washing of Farberware portable countertop dishwasher. One amazing feature that distinguishes this Farberware FDW05ASBWHA dishwasher is its unlimited portability. It comes with a 5-liter tank which you can fill with water, meaning that you don't need a tap or faucet hook up for water supply.

This dishwasher offers a space-saving compact design that allows you to fit it anywhere from the countertop to under the counter. Moreover, you can use this dishwasher for the same full-size rinse, normal, and heavy wash programs. It also comes with upper and lower spray arms that help to ensure that your dishes have a deep cleansing without a streak.

The 12-inch compact design is the best plan for smaller apartments, boats, and campers to help keep a tidy cook area. The 16-inch depth gives you ample space to open the doors up to 90 degrees without obstruction. Also, in case you need to fix a pipe, it comes with a built-in hose for easy water supply. You can get more than dishwashing from this amazing gadget as the steam that comes from the baby care cycle easily sterilizes their bottles.


Farberware Portable Countertop Dishwasher


4. Black+Decker Compact Countertop Dishwasher (BCD6W)

With seven fantastic wash cycles and an easy-to-navigate electronic LED display, there is so much to this small portable dishwasher that meets the eye. Black+Decker compact countertop dishwasher has the compactness of a small gadget but the performance of an advanced device. Thus, you get to save water, time, and energy with the Rapid and Soak wash cycle, enabling you to multitask effectively.

The washer gives you the ability to set your cleaning at your required pace with the intuitive LED display controls panel. The beauty of the design is second to none, as Black+Decker BCD6W dishwasher comes with ample space inside.

It comes with an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip and makes it easy to load the dishes and unload during washing.


Black+Decker Compact Countertop Dishwasher


5. hOmelabs Countertop Dishwasher

Lastly, we have a durable and efficient hOmelabs countertop dishwasher. If you are searching for a compact, easy-to-use dishwasher, you should consider the hOmelabs countertop dishwasher. Measuring up to 17.2 x 19.6 x 21.6 inches, this device requires little space and fits nicely in a small kitchen. It cleans plates and cutleries (such as mugs, cups, plates, spoons, forks, etc.) quickly and thoroughly, removing all dirt in no time.

It comes with light indicators that make it easy to use. Like most brands, it has up to 6 wash cycle options that makes it versatile and adaptable to the major types of plates and cutleries. Another outstanding feature is its drying option which comes in handy in emergency cases.

It weighs up to 44 pounds and is relatively light, applying minimal pressure on your countertop, regardless of its design material.


hOmelabs Countertop Dishwasher


The Comparison Table of 5 Small Dishwashers



Danby DDW621WDB

Farberware FDW05ASBWHA

Black+Decker BCD6W

hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher


2 full place settings

8 place settings

6 place settings

6 place settings

6 place settings


60 dB

52 dB

62 dB

60 dB

52 dB

Water Consumption

5 L

11.7 L

5 L

11.73 L

12.5 L


25.1 x 24.7 x 20 inches

19.69 x 21.65 x 17.24 inches

21.9 x 20.9 x 22.4 inches

21.7 x 21.5 x 17.2 inches

21.6 x 19.6 x 17.2 inches


28.7 pounds

46.3 pounds

45.5 pounds

46.2 pounds

44 pounds



$415.9 (Amazon)

$320.00 (Amazon)

$379.99 (Amazon)

$399.95 (Amazon)



Part 2. How to Choose the Best Small Dishwasher

All small dishwashers are not the same in terms of features. Whether you're opting for the larger capacity portable dishwasher on rollers or the smaller capacity countertop dishwasher, there are important factors you need to consider. They include:


Dishwashers for small kitchens come in various designs. While many come with an in-built panel, some feature a custom panel, which you can change to suit the location you want to place it. Other types come with top control or front control.

With that said, you need to consider the structure or setting of your kitchen and choose the right dishwasher.



The small space dishwashers are mainly 18 inches. They are smaller than the standard or full-size dishwasher, which is 24 inches.

Whether you're opting for a dishwasher for a small kitchen or a countertop dishwasher, ensure the model fits the space you want to install it.


Noise Level

The decibel rating indicates the noise level of a dishwasher. A rating of 39 will give you almost noiseless dishwashing. The higher the rating number, the louder the dishwasher. However, dishwashers with lower decibel ratings tend to be quite expensive compared to models with higher ratings.



There are tons of dishwashers with various designs, including color, handle type, shape, control panel location, and the materials used to produce the dishwasher.

Some dishwashers are made with rubber, while others come in stainless steel. Some have recessed pockets or bar handles. Most modern apartment dishwashers are designed with their control panel hidden, unlike the older version with their control panel at the front door or the top.


Drying Capacity

Go for a dishwasher with a decent drying capacity. Check the drying circle to ensure it has exactly how you want your dishes dried.

Do you want heat drying, condensation drying, or air drying? Heat drying dries your dishes by using forced hot air. Condensation drying rinses the dishes in hot water after washing. The air drying mode uses room temperature air to dry the dishes.We highly recommend focusing more on condensation drying as it is more efficient since it draws less energy.


Drying Capacity


Wash Cycles

Check the wash cycles to ensure it has everything you want. Though higher models have more wash cycles, the standard wash cycles are light or delicate, normal, heavy, express, and rinse.

  • Delicate: for not-so-dirty dishes.
  • Normal: for standard dishwashing.
  • Heavy: to wash very dirty dishes that need a thorough
  • Express: for fast washing.
  • Rinse: wet the dishes first, especially if you want to wash them later.


Dishwasher Capacity

How do I know the dishwater capacity? The place setting indicates the dishwasher capacity. The higher the number, the more spacious it is to accommodate more dishes. The highest placing setting for small portable dishwashers is 10.


Dishwasher Capacity



Opt for a dishwasher with great ease of installation. Installing a dishwasher can be challenging, especially if it's your first time. Though, some dishwasher manufacturers offer installation services, so you can ask them to install it for you.



Be curious to know how long the dishwasher will last, so check out the warranty. Some brands give a 1-year warranty while others give between 2-10 years. The popular opinion is that the longer the warranty protects you against manufacturer defects after a long period of use.


What is your budget for the small apartment dishwasher? Some dishwashers are more expensive than others. Popular brands tend to be more costly. However, this does not mean they are better. A standard small dishwasher falls within $200 - $500 depending on the brand and quality.



With everything mentioned above, you should have known a thing or two about dishwashers and the core attributes to look out for when buying one for your apartment. Ensure that your choice has the right attributes, durability, and features to meet your needs.

HAVA countertop dishwasher edges out the different products available on the market. It is one of the best-selling brands of dishwashers with impressive features on Amazon that offer you value for your money. Go for this dishwasher to enjoy less water consumption, large capacity dishwashing, and up to five wash cycles for optimum performance.