Best Portable Washing Machines in 2024: Reviews and Comparisons


portable washing machine

1. What is a Portable Washing Machine?

A portable washer machine, often referred to as a mini portable washer or portable laundry machine, offers the freedom to do laundry wherever you are. They are a convenient solution for those with limited space or the need for easy portability.

As much as we all wish dirty clothes would wash themselves, that likely won't happen anytime soon. But portable washing machines have been a total game-changer for how you can get laundry done. Now you can toss in a small load wherever is most convenient in your home - it's perfect for cramped apartments or RVs. No more organizing schedules with other tenants to fight over shared washers. And you'll save all the hassle of trips to the laundromat.

2. What is the Key Factors to Consider When shopping for the Best Portable Washer

2.1 Size

Size plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the portable washer seamlessly integrates into your living space. Consider the dimensions to ascertain it fits comfortably in your chosen location, whether it's an apartment, dormitory, or even an RV.

2.2 Capacity

Capacity is another critical aspect to ponder upon. Assess your typical laundry load size to choose a portable washer with a capacity that aligns with your needs. A balance between size and capacity ensures optimal efficiency without compromising on performance.

2.3 Diverse Features

Explores the diverse features offered by different models. Look for features such as a variety of wash programs, spin speeds, and energy-efficient options. Whisper-quiet operation, customizable washing settings, and a delayed start feature can enhance the overall laundry experience.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential aspects of portable washing machines, exploring what makes them unique and what to look for when shopping for the perfect fit. We will also be providing reviews and comparisons to help you make an informed decision on the best portable washing machine for your needs.

3. The Best Portable Washing Machines in 2024

3.1 Best Overall Hava T01 Portable Washing machine

hava portable washing machine

> Price and Capacity

Distinguished by its budget-friendly price and space-saving design, the HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine delivers powerful cleaning performance. Weighing only 40 pounds, this compact washer has a 0.8 cubic foot stainless steel tub capacity that can handle around 6.6 pounds of laundry. Ideal for small homes, apartments, RVs, and more.

> Programs and Dimension

Despite its petite footprint measuring just 16.5”x 17.9” x 28.5”, the HAVA T01 washer includes fully automatic controls with 8 ash programs - Normal, Quick, Gentle, Heavy, Soak, Rinse, and Spin. Tackle everything from lightly soiled loads that can be cleaned in just 22 minutes with the Quick cycle to heavily soiled items using the dedicated Heavy program.

> Delay Start&pause

Additional features that make washing convenient include delay start so you can set the washer 2-24 hours in advance, a reload function to pause cycles to add forgotten laundry, and even energy-saving modes to cut electricity costs. Durably constructed with a rust-resistant tub and a maximum 750 RPM spin speed to wring out more water, the HAVA T01 portable washer combines power and efficiency.

> Superb Efficiency

Delivering heavy-duty cleaning wherever you need it, the HAVA T01 portable washing machine stands out for its affordable price tag and compact yet capacious size. Easy-to-use controls, whisper-quiet operation, and cycles for all types of fabrics make it perfect for small spaces.

Weighing under 40 pounds provides the convenience of rolling this machine to wherever it’s needed and stowing it out of sight between uses. The durable stainless-steel drum manages frequent washing while resisting corrosion and abrasion over time.

Offering full-sized functionality on a smaller scale, the HAVA T01 portable washer truly caters to compact living. From mobile tiny homeowners to apartment dwellers lacking laundry hookups.

3.2 Comfee Small Portable Washing Machine

Comfee portable washing machine

> Price and Capacity

With a higher price tag but enhanced cleaning power, the Comfee Small Portable Washing Machine stands out as a more expensive yet hardworking option. Priced at $419, this 2.4 cubic foot capacity portable washer can tackle loads up to 11 pounds—perfect for medium-sized families.

> Programs and Dimension

The Comfee features fully customizable controls with multiple wash cycles to target all types of garments, from sturdy kinds of cotton to delicate silks. Options include a specialized decontamination cycle that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria for sanitizing clothes. The unit measures 21.7” x 22.2” x 37.4” and has a total weight of 88.2 pounds, making it larger and heavier duty than more compact models.

> Delay Start&pause

Despite its sizable footprint, the Comfee portable washer machine delivers convenient functionality like delay start, allowing you to program the machine 2-24 hours in advance. There is also a reload feature to pause the cycle to add forgotten laundry. Sturdy stainless-steel construction and a durable wash drum provide reliable cleaning power for years of reliable service.

With elevated cleaning options, a spacious tub, and customizable settings, the Comfee Small Portable Washing Machine justifies its increased price through enhanced washing performance. Hardwearing construction allows this unit to tackle repeated loads while high-tech cycles sanitize clothes and eliminate odors.

3.3 Giantex Mini Portable Washer Machine for Apartments

Giantex portable washing machine

> Price and Capacity

The highly compact Giantex Mini Portable Washer stands out for its mini size and budget-friendly $66.99 price tag. Weighing in at just 11 pounds, this lightweight manual washing machine has a 2-in-1 design with a single tub that can wash loads up to 5.5 pounds. Perfect for tiny homes, apartments, campers, and more.

> Manual Design and Dimension

Despite its petite 14” x 13.5” x 20”, comparable to a small cooler, the Giantex mini washer includes features like a 170W washing motor and drain hose for emptying water. The top-loading tub is constructed from durable plastic that resists corrosion and rust. Simplicity defines this manual portable laundry machine with an easy-turn knob and no electronic controls. Just fill the tub, allow clothes to wash, then drain and spin by hand.

While not automated, the highly affordable Giantex mini portable washer offers a space and money-saving option for tiny loads. Lightweight and compact, it's easy to store and transport for camping or placing in an RV. For ultimate portability and budget-friendly pricing under $70, this miniature top-loading washer gets the job done.

3.4 Black and Decker Compact Portable Washing Machine

Black and decker portable washing machine> Price and Capacity

With a front-loading design and premium price point, the Black and Decker Compact Portable Washing Machine stands out as one of the most expensive and fully-featured portable washers.Priced at $932.97, this 23.1” D x 23.4” W x 33.5” H unit may cost more upfront but delivers durable stainless-steel construction and a spacious 1.6 cubic foot drum. The front-load design allows for easy access and improved functionality.

> Programs and Dimension

Weighing in at a substantial 160.9 pounds, this electric portable washing machine has user-friendly electronic controls with multiple wash cycles. Options include settings for bulky items, pre-wash, rinse hold, and customized water levels up to high.

> Other Features

Designed for freestanding use, the Black and Decker has an adjustable leveling leg and can hook up to the sink with the included faucet adapter kit. While pricier than other portable models, the stainless-steel tub, front load access, and electronic controls bring full-size functionality. This electric washing machine requires a 120V outlet and drains through a simple gravity method.

Bringing durability, flexibility, and high-end features, the Black and Decker front-load portable washer justifies its elevated cost through advanced programming and robust construction. The spacious drum makes quick work of small to medium loads.

3.5 Costway Portable Washing Machine for Apartment

> Price and Capacity

With a twin tub design for separate washing and spinning, the Costway Portable Washing Machine is a semi-automatic portable laundry unit. Priced at an affordable $149, this versatile machine has an 8-pound washing capacity and convenient features like a clear viewing window and built-in rollers for easy mobility.

> Dimension and Two Tubs Design

The Costway measures 23” L x 14” W x 27” H and has a total weight of 24 pounds, making it a great size for apartments or camping. It operates as both a washer and spin dryer with two separate tubs - one for washing and one for drying. The washing tub has an intake hose to fill the water while the spinning tub uses manual power to extract water out of clothes. Both tubs are constructed from rust-resistant stainless steel.

> Easy to Use

This electric portable washer machine is very straightforward to operate with a simple on/off function dial and drain knob. Just load up the washer tub, fill it with water to the desired level, set the timer, and drain. Then transfer the load to the spin dryer via the connecting slider to remove excess moisture.

With its versatile twin tub design, the Costway washing machine tackles both washing and spinning for excellent portability. Priced under $150, it's also easy on the wallet!

3.6 Wonder wash Manual Portable Washing Machine

Wonder wash portable washing machine

> Price and Capacity

Operating completely by hand, the uniquely designed Wonder Wash Portable Washing Machine is a manual washer focused on simplicity. Priced at just $69.99, this lightweight option has no motors, instead using a hand-powered agitator to clean clothes. Weighing only 5.5 pounds, the Wonder Wash has a 5-pound load capacity - perfect for ultralight packs, college dorms, and camping.

> Manual Design and Dimension

Shaped like a bucket, this portable washing machine measures 16 inches high by 12 inches in diameter. To operate, simply add clothes, water and a tiny bit of soap then use the hand crank to repeatedly plunge the central agitator up and down. This manual scrubbing action removes dirt and stains without electricity.

After washing, drain soapy water out through the spout then rinse clean. With no spinning functionality, clothes will have to be hand-wrung or line-dried. But the extreme portability and off-grid power of the Wonder Wash make it ideal for trips or going completely off the grid.

Priced at just $70 and completely human-powered, the uniquely designed Wonder Wash portable washing machine is perfect for saving money, energy, and space. Weighing a mere 5 pounds yet able to clean 5 pounds per batch, it's the ultimate portable laundry machine.



hava portable washing machine

In the dynamic landscape of portable washing machines, each option offers a unique set of features catering to different needs. While Wonder Wash provides a simple, manual solution, and other models like Costway, Black and Decker, and Comfee offer practicality and budget-friendly choices, none compare to the premium innovation and adaptability of the HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine.

With its whisper-quiet operation, customizable settings, energy efficiency, and a generous 0.8 cu. ft. capacity, HAVA T01 stands as the pinnacle of portable washer technology. It redefines convenience, making laundry day a seamless experience in compact living spaces. For those seeking a long-term investment in advanced features and cutting-edge design, HAVA T01 emerges as the optimal choice. Elevate your laundry routine with the superior performance and innovation of the HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine. Make the smart choice for a laundry experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


Frequently Questions You Might Ask

1. How do portable washing machines work?

Portable washing machines clean clothes using a compact system that's suitable for small spaces. They come in two main types - automatic and manual.

Automatic models operate by electricity, providing automated washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles with controls similar to full-sized appliances.

Manual versions use hand power instead, requiring the user to turn a crank or press a pedal to agitate and spin the laundry.

Both portable washer types start by adding water and detergent before agitating to lift away dirt and stains. After washing, the clothes are rinsed clean before a final high-speed spin to extract moisture.

Without the large drum, portable washers can fit in RVs, apartments, or other tight areas that can't accommodate full-sized machines. Their versatility and small footprint fill the niche for easy, effective cleaning for small loads and limited spaces.

2. What can you wash in a portable washing machine?

> Everyday Clothing and Delicate Pieces

Portable washing machines offer incredible versatility, handling various laundry items with ease. From everyday clothing like shirts, pants, and underwear to delicate pieces such as lingerie and silk garments, these machines adapt to your needs with customizable settings.

> Small Bedding and Larger Items

They efficiently manage small bedding items like pillowcases and bed sheets, presenting a practical solution for routine cleaning. It's important to note that larger items like comforters might necessitate a portable washer with a more significant capacity, ensuring adherence to the manufacturer's guidelines for effective cleaning.

Ideal for those with active lifestyles, portable washers are invaluable for cleaning workout clothes and sports gear. While not designed for large loads, their adaptability shines in managing smaller, specialized laundry needs. Embrace the convenience and space-efficient design of portable washing machines, making daily laundry tasks a breeze, regardless of your lifestyle.

3. Do portable washing machines use a lot of electricity and water?

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, portable washer machines prioritize eco-friendly operation by utilizing less electricity compared to their traditional counterparts. While the exact consumption varies among models, many are equipped with energy-saving features, establishing them as a greener laundry solution.

Efficiency extends to water usage as well, with portable washers known for their ability to use less water per load compared to standard machines. This inherent sustainability makes them a conscious choice for environmentally-aware users. Adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines and load recommendations is crucial to optimizing both energy and water usage.

Although portable washing machines may not eliminate utility costs, their efficiency significantly contributes to reduced energy and water bills. This not only makes them an economical choice but also underscores their commitment to environmental consciousness, presenting an ideal solution for laundry needs in smaller living spaces.

4. How long does a portable washing machine last?

The lifespan of a portable washing machine can vary quite a bit, but with proper maintenance and care, a quality portable washer can last between 5 to 10 years on average.

5. How to extend your portable washing machine life?

> Usage frequency

Usage frequency plays a role; moderate users who launder a couple of small loads per week rather than someone washing daily will extend their usable life.

> Consistent maintenance

Consistent maintenance also makes a difference - periodically cleaning the machine, using suggested detergents, and avoiding overstuffing the drum can allow it to function optimally for years.

> Build Quality and Durability

Additionally, examining build quality and durability is wise when selecting a portable washer. Models with stainless steel tubs resist corrosion better than plastic drums. Sturdy welded frames hold up to repeated loads without cracking. And quality motors engineered for longevity outlast cheaper bargain versions.

Following the manufacturer's recommendations for appropriate load sizes, cleaning techniques, and usage goes a long way. Treating your portable washer with care makes good sense if you hope to get many years of reliable service.