The Best Cheap Portable Washing Machines Under $300


portable washing machine

A portable washing machine is a smaller, compact version of a traditional washing machine designed for use in small spaces. Portable washers offer an affordable and convenient solution for cleaning clothes on the go or in apartments, RVs, dorm rooms, and more. They easily hook up to a sink to wash a few items at a time without requiring complex installation. Popular features in cheap portable washing machines under $300 include multiple wash cycles, spin dry settings, timers, and more in a lightweight and transportable unit.

When searching for the best portable washing machines for under $300, there are key factors to consider before buying.

Size and Weight: Compact size and weight are essential for portability and storage. Units around or under 30 pounds work well.

Built-in Pumps and Functions: Check if it includes built-in pumps for draining without needing to manually transfer water. Cycle options, spin speeds, capacity size in pounds, and washer timers allow customization of cleaning.

Others: Additional characteristics like water efficiency, noise level, warranties, and more also differentiate the top affordable portable washers. Prioritizing the most important features and space requirements will direct you toward the ideal portable washer.

1.HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine

hava portable washing machine

Sold only $299.99, the HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine stands out as the top pick for its combination of quality, performance, and value. Offering fully automatic operation for under $300, this versatile unit packs premium features into a compact 16.5" x 17.9" x 28.5" frame weighing just 40 pounds.

Despite the portable size, it's 0.8 cu. ft. stainless steel tub can handle loads up to 6.6 pounds. With 8 customizable wash programs including Quick and Soak settings and spin speeds up to 750 RPM, this portable washer can handle all types of laundry.

Convenient delay start, reload and energy-saving modes make operation a breeze while its whisper-quiet motor keeps noise to a minimum. Between the durable, rust-resistant tub, 1-year warranty, and budget-friendly price, the HAVA T01 portable washing machine has everything you need in a reasonably-priced portable washer under $300.

2.Costway portable washer

costway portable washing machine

Priced at just $219, the Costway Portable Washing Machine is an ultra-affordable option for compact cleaning power. Weighing 40 pounds, this portable washer has dimensions of 18” x 18” x 29” (L x W x H) closed and 42” height with the lid open.

Despite the compact footprint comparable to other portable washers in this price tier, its 7.7-pound capacity can handle small and medium loads. With multiple wash cycles, you can customize cleaning for all types of garments. Convenient features like the built-in drain pump, see-through viewing window, LED display, and inlet/drain hoses for easy installation make operation straightforward.

While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as pricier models, if you’re looking for an extremely budget-friendly portable washing machine with the core functionality to handle basic laundry needs, the Costway portable washer is a compelling option.

3.Black and Decker portable washer

black and decker washing machine

The Black and Decker portable washer combines quality and affordability. With dimensions of 17.7” D x 17.3” W x 31.1” H and weighing 48.4 pounds, this top-loading washer has a stainless-steel tub and can fit easily in small spaces.

The 0.9 cubic feet capacity allows it to handle laundry loads up to 9 pounds despite its compact 48.4-pound design. Operation is straightforward with electronic controls and programs like Gentle, Drain, and Normal to customize cleaning. While it may not have all the advanced features of pricier models, the Black and Decker portable washer focuses on delivering core essentials at a reasonable $284 price point.

If you want a dependable cheap washing machine under $300 with useful settings, the Black and Decker is a budget-friendly choice.

4.Comfee portable washing machine

comfee portable washing machine

The Comfee Portable Washing Machine packs impressive features into a portable frame, coming at a $349 price point. With dimensions of 20.3 x 20.7 x 36.7 inches yet weighing only 72.8 pounds, it can tackle large loads thanks to its 1.8 cubic feet tub capacity.

The spacious stainless-steel drum inside is visible through a transparent lid and LED display. Electronic controls let you fully customize wash settings for each load, while advanced modes offer “b Decontamination” to obliterate stains when needed. If you seek robust washing power shrunk into a sub-73-pound portable body, the Comfee delivers.

Between customizable wash settings and built-in stain-fighting modes, portable washer shoppers get their money’s worth from this feature-packed unit.

5.Giantex portable washing machine

giantex portable washing machine

The Giantex Portable Washing Machine packs a twin tub design into a compact body with a budget-friendly $199 price tag. Weighing just 33.5 pounds, its dimensions of 27.5” x 16” x 32” are sized right for small spaces and easy portability.

Despite the lightweight build, its dual stainless steel drum system can handle up to 18 pounds of laundry on the wash side and 8 pounds while spinning. Operation is straightforward with two tubs - load the washer, power it on, and manually move clothes to the spinner tub to drain and dry once complete.

If you seek the convenience of a portable washer without the cost, the Giantex provides the most basic functionality on a budget. With decent capacity and a portable footprint, it lets you knock out laundry anywhere there’s a sink.

6.Zeny Countertop washing machine

zeny portable washing machine

The Zeny Countertop Washing Machine delivers basic functionality on a shoestring budget at just $65.68. Weighing only 12.3 slim pounds, its ultra-compact 14.6” L x 14” W x 22” H body can fit on any countertop or tiny space.

Despite its miniature footprint, its tub can wash 5.7-pound loads and handle 2.2-pound spin cycles. While capacity and settings are limited versus advanced models, the Zeny provides what you need for casual laundry needs.

If you seek the most affordable portable washing without sacrificing quality, the Zeny proves you don’t need to spend big. Pairing a bargain price with decent capacity given its size, it’s perfect for washing small batches of clothes anywhere there's a sink available.


hava portable washing machine

Ultimately there is no "one size fits all" when picking the best portable washing machine - each model carries pluses and minuses based on price considerations and feature needs.

After comparing affordable portable washers, the HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine stands out as the best pick under $300. The HAVA T01 combines performance, durability, and value unmatched by other budget-friendly models. Weighing under 40 pounds, its rust-resistant stainless-steel tub can handle over 6.6 pounds of laundry at once. With fully customizable cycles, delay start, energy-saving mode, and quiet operation, it works for all laundry needs.

If you want a lightweight yet capable portable washer that fits neatly into small spaces, the HAVA T01 is a fantastic choice.



1.Which portable washing machine is best on a low budget?

The HAVA T01 Portable Washing Machine is the best affordable option under $300. The HAVA T01 combines solid performance with useful features like a durable stainless-steel tub, multiple wash cycles, and delay start in a lightweight and portable body, etc.

2.How much does a portable washing machine cost?

Portable washing machines range widely in price from very affordable basic models starting at around $65 up to more expensive premium featured units priced at $500 or even higher. There are also many qualities of mid-range portable washing machine options available between $200 to $350.

3.Are portable washing machines good for apartments?

Yes, portable washing machines are ideal for use in apartments where space is limited, as their small and lightweight design takes up less space than full-sized washing machines. Furthermore, because many portable washers do not require complex or permanent installation, they are suitable for apartment dwellers.

4.Which washer has the least problems?

The HAVA Portable Washing Machine is known for its impressive reliability with very few reported issues. It features a durable stainless-steel tub, rust-resistant design, and quiet operation thanks to its advanced inverter motor which all contribute to its stellar long-term performance.

5.How long a portable washing machine can last?

Portable washing machines can typically last over 5 years with proper care and maintenance. More expensive models with stainless steel tubs and quality parts often last 8-10 years or longer. Following the manufacturer guidelines for cleaning, storage, and operation helps extend the lifetime. much electricity and water does a portable washing machine use

A portable washing machine typically runs between 300-700 watts per cycle and uses around 14-28 gallons of water per load depending on the selected cycle and unit capacity. Smaller portable washers in the under 20-pound range tend to use less electricity and water than larger capacity models, but check the product details to determine the exact energy and water consumption.You may  looking for those product  with Energy Star ratings to maximize efficiency.

7.Is getting a portable washing machine worth it?

Yes, a portable washing machine is worth considering for anyone seeking a compact laundry solution.

The small size enables placement in tight spaces where standard washers can't reach. In addition to their convenient size, their affordability makes portable units a cost-effective choice.

When compared to hand-washing and using public laundry facilities, portable washing machines offer not only financial savings but also increased convenience.

The ease of setup without complex installation makes them a practical option for various settings, including apartments, RVs, vacation homes, and more.

I've conducted a rough analysis, and using HAVA T01 as opposed to going to a traditional laundry facility could save around $1000 annually.The cost-effectiveness of portable machines, coupled with their convenience and hassle-free operation, makes them a valuable investment for those seeking an economical and streamlined laundry experience.