Giantex Portable Washing Machine Review


Doing laundry is a tedious chore that eats up valuable time and energy. But lugging heavy loads to a cramped laundromat on the weekends or struggling with apartment-sized washers is no one’s idea of fun. That’s why portable mini washing machines like the Giantex Top Load Washer are gaining popularity for their convenience.

Priced affordably at $309.95, this compact washing machine fits nicely in RVs, dorm rooms, or small spaces while still packing effective cleaning power into its 1.5 cubic foot drum. Its stainless-steel tub and push-button controls make washing everything from everyday loads to delicate items simple. Safety features provide peace of mind, while its energy savings justify ditching the laundromat for good.

But how well does it perform? In this review, we’ll closely examine the Giantex Portable Washing Machine's durability, cleaning effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of use. You’ll discover how today’s portable mini washers compare key factors to help determine if going small can solve your laundry woes. Let’s dive in!

gaintex portable washing machine

1. Key Features of Giantex Portable Washing Machine

1.1 Compact Design and Portability

The Giantex portable washing machine is engineered for smaller spaces. Weighing 57.5 pounds and with dimensions of just 19 x 19 x 45.5 inches, it can be transported from room to room or taken on an RV trip thanks to its compact mini size and top-loading design.

1.2 Capacity and Load Size

Despite its compact frame, this auto-hand clothes washer can handle 1.5 cubic feet of laundry. While best suited for smaller 3–5-pound loads ideal for RVs or apartments, users report successfully washing everything from single items to full 8-pound loads with proper balancing.

1.3 Washing Programs and Settings

With 8 built-in washing programs, you get flexibility in cleaning settings. Choose from Normal, Quick, Strong Pulsating, Soft, Jeans, Air Dry, Spin Only, or a customizable “DIY” program depending on the fabric and how dirty it is.

giantex portable washing machine

1.4 Energy and Water Efficiency

This mini washing machine is designed for energy efficiency, saving money and resources. It uses only 300 watts of power, comparable to other portable washers. The machine also automatically adjusts water usage based on load size thanks to intelligent sensing tech.

1.5 Noise Level and Operation

It produces just 60-72 decibels while running, allowing you to wash clothes without disrupting conversations or tasks nearby. This makes it ideal for apartments and other shared spaces.

1.6 Durability and Build Quality

With its stainless-steel drum interior, durable plastic exterior, and ETL certification, Giantex built this portable washing machine to last. It stands up well to frequent use without any major durability complaints from owners.

2. How Does the Giantex Portable Washing Machine Work?

The Giantex mini washing machine cleans clothes using a classic top-load agitator design that operates similarly to full-sized models, only on a smaller scale. Its 1.5 cubic foot stainless steel tub can handle around 12 t-shirts or a few pairs of jeans per load.

To begin, you'll start by loading the auto-hand clothes washer through the top opening. Next, add your preferred detergent along with settings adjustments. The Giantex portable washer offers 8 wash cycles depending on fabric type and soil level. You can further customize cleaning by tweaking options like water level or temperature.

With the push of a button, the machine starts filling with water before beginning its wash cycle. As it agitates and soaks the clothing, sensors adjust duration and agitation speed accordingly. The final rinse gets rid of detergent residue.

Safety features include automatic load balancing to prevent excessive noise and vibration. There is also a child lock function to keep little fingers from accidentally starting a cycle. With such thoughtful yet straightforward operation, the Giantex makes laundering clothes in compact spaces a breeze!

When finished, the washer drains itself automatically. Just remove your fresh, clean clothes and you’re all done.

3. What Customers Are Saying About Giantex Portable Washing Machine?

Reviews of the Giantex portable washing machine show it's a fairly solid portable option for tackling small loads, though not without some flaws. On Amazon, it averages 4.3 out of 5 stars across over 350 global ratings.

The majority, 70% of Amazon reviewers, found the auto hand clothes washer runs smoothly and does a decent job getting clothes clean. They appreciated features like the stainless-steel tub, built-in drain pump, and varied cycle options that modify wash intensity. Many also remarked on the Giantex's durability and leak-proof, rust-resistant construction given regular maintenance. Above all, customers touted its ideal size and portability for fitting in compact spaces like RVs and apartments.

However, around 14% of negative reviewers cited leaking from the lid or connections to the sink/tub. Others were unhappy with the loud agitation noise or vibrating on certain surfaces. Some felt the appearance looked cheaper in person compared to photos. A handful also expected the drying function to fully tumble dry but found it only somewhat cut down on air drying time.

So, if you don’t mind hanging clothes to finish drying and can properly level the unit, the Giantex portable washing machine provides solid cleaning functionality in a small package. But be wary of potential leakage if water connections aren’t securely fastened.

4. The Best Alternative of Giantex Portable Washing Machine

hava portable washing machine

If you like the portability of your Giantex portable washing machine but want upgraded performance, the HAVA T01 0.8 cu. ft Top Load Washer makes for an appealing alternative model to consider.

While matching the Giantex's compact footprint at just 16.5" x 17.9" x 28.5", the HAVA mini washing machine brings thoughtful design upgrades where it counts. Its durable stainless-steel tub gently cares for fabrics while resisting corrosion over time. With a max spin speed of 750 RPMs, it extracts more water from loads to reduce drying time.

Beyond physical improvements, this unit adds functionality like a near-silent motor, delay start options, and 8 customizable wash programs to handle anything from bulky bedding to delicate silks. The HAVA T01 makes tailoring cycles to each unique laundry load a cinch. Plus, increased energy efficiency saves money long-term.

If pushing your hand clothes washer’slimits on load capacity or having it sound like a jet engine doesn’t bring you joy, this clever HAVA T01 model deserves a look.


hava portable washing machine

In reviewing the Giantex Portable Washing Machine, we found it provides decent functionality for small space laundry with its 1.5 cu ft capacity stainless tub and variety of wash cycles. Its $309.95 price point also makes compact cleaning affordable.

However, issues noted by customers like excessive noise, leaks, and unbalanced loads hold it back from excellence. For those needing to upgrade, the HAVA is 0.8 cu. ft Top Load Washer presents an improved compact option.

While marginally smaller at 0.8 cu ft capacity, the HAVA T01 washer is better optimized for apartment living with its whisper-quiet operation, flexible wash modes, and durable corrosion-resistant construction. Rapid spin speeds also cut drying times significantly - a major bonus for urban dwellers without access to dryers.

Ultimately, the HAVA T01 portable washer proves that just because you have limited space doesn't mean sacrificing power or performance. For reliable and hassle-free laundry cleaning, we recommend the HAVA T01 washer as a durable, specialized compact appliance worth fitting into your apartment lifestyle.



1. Does it connect to a kitchen faucet or do I need an adapter?

Yes, it can be attached to a kitchen faucet.

2. Do I need to let my faucet run the entire time while washing?

No, you only need to allow water to flow from your faucet during the initial fill cycle when first starting up the machine. 

3. Does the washer fill as well as drain automatically?

Yes, the Giantex mini washer handles both water intake and draining without any manual involvement. 

4. How many colors does this Giantex washing machine come in?

Two, grey and white.